You consider yourself bold when it comes to beauty. You were the girl who chopped her mane before school picture day. You were the bridesmaid who sported a bright red lip to your best friend’s wedding (hey, you were single then!). But face it, no matter how daring you are — when it’s your wedding day, you want to err on the side of caution. But really, we’d prefer no errors at all. Don’t throw caution to the wind completely, but do carefully weigh your wedding day decisions. We’re here to help. wedding beauty tips

1. Consider where you’ll be bare.

Once you have your dress picked out, think about which areas are showing skin. This will help you figure out what skincare regimen to begin and on which areas to focus your efforts. Saying “I do” in a tea-length gown? Then your skincare routine is all about the legs. Does your dream dress have a sexy low back? Make sure you’re blemish-free (and if you’re not, start with our tips for bare-worthy skin!).  

2. Experiment — long before the big day.

Try different makeovers beforehand to perfect your beauty look. Do this for everything from makeup to hairstyles that work with your veil, to faux tans and even your eyebrow shape. Plan at least a couple months in advance, because if you’ve ever had a bad wax—you know you do not want that feeling of dread with your big day around the corner.  

3. Even your makeover needs a dress rehearsal.

Every beauty-obsessed bride-to-be knows it’s essential to do a practice run with hair and makeup long before she walks down the aisle. But you may also want to try on your dress after you do your practice makeup — this way you’ll see how all the elements work together. You never know, leaving your hair down might cover too much of the dress, or your subtle makeup might need to be taken up a notch.  

4. Prepare an emergency beauty kit.

Make it small but mighty. Include samples of your exact makeup, oil-blotting wipes for every stage of the wedding and reception, and even your bottle of nail polish in case you need a quick touch-up.  

5. Choose long-wearing makeup.

Some brides are a bit more laid back in the beauty department — not everyone has a lipstick color for every day of the week. If this is you, learn all the tricks for keeping makeup fresh and long lasting way before your wedding date creeps up. For example, don’t skimp on the prep work for your lip color — it will need more staying power than your average morning application. See what we mean by reading these tips for making lipstick last.   Do you have any wedding day beauty secrets to share? Brides, do you have any more questions for Team MDC? Share your thoughts below.   Photos: Thinkstock

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