These days, eyeliners are a dime a dozen. Look into a girl’s makeup bag and you’ll find a dozen eyeliners. From pencils and gels to liquid and markers, there’s a new liner hitting the street every second — and we love it. Sure, they may all look the same to the untrained eye, but each serves a different purpose—felt tip for ultra-thin application, marker for intense cat eyes, a tapered pen for sharp wings and colored liner for when you’re feelin’ funky. Not to mention the matte, shimmery or sleek finishes.


We’re especially thrilled about the liquid eyeliner craze sweeping the nation. Creating a sleek, clean line, these liquid-based wonders are ideal for chic looks like the iconic cat eye. Now you see, a girl can never have too many liquid eyeliners. To show our undying devotion for liquid liner (and take out the guesswork for you), we’ve created a robust list of our fave liquid eyeliners for your viewing pleasure.


Liquid Eyeliner Do’s & Don’ts


DO your eyeshadow first. “That way, if there are any mess up's, you can simply use the edge of a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover, and remove anything you don't want,” says celeb makeup artist Emily Oliver.


DO use face makeup to clean up your eyeliner. “I recommend using concealer afterward in order to shape a sharp edge leaving liner looking fierce and the point perfect,” says Oliver.


DON’T apply your eyeliner with free elbows. “In order to get the best line—if you're unsteady— anchor your elbows on the counter looking into the mirror, and apply,” says Oliver.


DON’T go horizontal with your cat eye.  “When creating a wing, extend it upward at around 45 degrees and out,” says Oliver.  “This will create an almond shape and make your eyes look huge.”  


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