eyeliner trick eye shape Oh, eyeliner — you never really forget the first time you pick up this miracle pencil. Since then, some of you have become masters — flicking colored cat eyes and double-decking like pros — while others haven’t graduated much further since that first fateful attempt (no judgment). To help you up your eyeliner game and turn your squiggles to smooth, sleek lines, we turned to Lancôme national makeup artist Ricardo Costales for his no-fail secret to that perfect line. Supplies: Gel or cream eyeliner An eyeliner brush A smudging brush OR Lancôme Dual-End Liner & Smudger – Brush #24   1. Dot It: Costales says to use the pointed side of the eyeliner brush and a cream or gel eyeliner to create a line of dots as close as possible to your upper lash line. 2. Connect It: Taking the smudging side, blend the dots together to create one smooth, unified stroke: “I promise any person who has trouble making a straight line will be an expert in using eyeliner [with this method],” he says. 3. Flair It: To add a bold flair, Costales says to layer a small amount of any bright eye shadow above your eyeliner for a pop of color. And there you have it — a connect-the-dots eyeliner trick to use for any eye shape!   Have you ever tried this eyeliner trick before? Tell us in the comments!   Photo credit: thinkstock

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