10 Chic Bob Haircut Ideas to Try This Fall

September 06, 2019
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
10 Chic Bob Haircut Ideas to Try This Fall
If you haven’t already heard, celebs far and wide are rocking a bob haircut this season, and to say we are in love is a serious understatement. We spotted stars like Selena Gomez and J.Lo sporting this chic new cut, and honestly, we’re already on the phones with our stylists. With so many variations, the hardest part is choosing which version of the trendy hairstyle we want to get. Luckily, whether you want to try a more classical approach or do a modern take, there’s sure to be a bob hairstyle perfect for you. Bookmark this page now because we put together a list of our favorite bob haircuts that you need to bring to your next hair appointment as inspo. 

Bob Haircut Idea #1: The Classic Bob 

Get a classic bob and make a statement everywhere you go. While there are no frills or thrills with this haircut, you can’t go wrong with this option because it’s beautiful in its simplicity. 

Bob Haircut Idea #2: The Lob 
This is a great haircut for those who are transitioning to shorter hair. It’s called a lob because it’s a longer version of your traditional bob, which means you get the benefits of chic, cool-girl cut without having to sacrifice all your length at once.

Bob Haircut Idea #3: The Angled Lob
Shake things up by getting an asymmetrical bob haircut. Ask your stylist to make your bob angled by cutting it shorter in the back and have the strands in the front come down to your shoulders.

Bob Haircut Idea #4: The Clavicle Lob
The newest bob haircut to hit our radars is the clavicle lob. Think: a lob but taking it one step further. Allow the strands in the front of your head to come down two to three inches below your collarbone while the back strands remain short. 

Bob Haircut Idea #5: The Textured Bob 
Yes — beachy waves are still possible with a bob haircut and they are adorable. The best part? It takes way less time to achieve this effortless style than it does on longer locks. 

Bob Haircut Idea #6: The Dip-Dyed Bob
Get playful with your bob by adding some color. There are no rules when it comes to choosing your color, but be sure to ask your stylist to focus the color on the ends of your hair to give it a trippy dip-dyed effect. 

Bob Haircut Idea #7: The Bob With Bangs
For the girl who’s going for an edgier vibe, try adding some fringe and layers to your hair. It gives your bob that shaggy hairstyle look that screams effortlessly cool. 

Bob Haircut Idea #8: The Rounded Bob 
Consider this the bowl haircut's chic younger cousin. It’s cut in a circular shape, which gives it a geometric effect.

Bob Haircut Idea #9: The Choppy Bob 
Just because your hair is short doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bounce with the help of layers. Get a choppy bob to add some movement and volume to your short hair. 

Bob Haircut Idea #10: The Above-the-Shoulder Bob 
It’s not quite as long as a clavicle lob but not a classic bob either. This is the perfect sweet spot for those who can’t quite commit to a short haircut but still want to try something new. 

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