Find the Bob Haircut That Complements Your Face Shape With This Guide

January 05, 2023
Mary Honkus
By: Mary Honkus | by L'Oréal
Illustration of three heads with different face shapes and different bob haircuts on a pink and orange background
It’s a new year, and with the promise of a fresh start comes the inevitable desire to change things up. If you’ve been thinking about chopping off your hair, let this be your sign to officially take the plunge, because we’re expecting bobs to be everywhere in 2023. These easy-to-maintain cuts are extremely versatile and look great with every hair texture and type. Plus, the right style can totally accentuate your natural features

To help you determine what style of bob is best for your face shape, we spoke to celebrity hairstylist Ricardo Rojas. Below, he gives his recommendations, plus a few styling tips to keep your hair looking stunning all year long. It goes without saying that you should try out whatever haircut you want, but think of these as ideas to get you started if you haven’t settled on a style yet. 

The Best Bob Styles for Your Face Shape


If you have a square-shaped face, you’ll want to complement the sharp angles of your face by trying an edgier look. “An angled or asymmetrical bob is a great option for square faces,” says Rojas. Ask your stylist to trim your hair a bit more in the back and keep it longer in the front. 

bob haircut on square face shape


For those with oval-shaped faces, Rojas suggests a lob (a longer bob), below chin length to complement your long, soft features. It’s important to regularly schedule trims for this type of bob, though, so the length doesn’t venture into an awkward territory. “I recommend going no longer than three months between salon visits,” says Rojas. “It has to be trimmed often to keep its shape.”

bob haircut on oval face shape


One of the most popular haircuts of 2022 was the wolf cut, a modern take on the ’70s-inspired shag. You can bring the style into the new year with a trendy shaggy bob. Rojas says this is the perfect look for round faces. “Keep it shorter and add layers for shadows and movement,” he says. When styling at home, add some volume and dimension by using the Ricardo Rojas Full Blown Volumizing Styling Spray.

bob haircut on round face shape


Rojas advises that those with heart-shaped faces make a dramatic change by going extra short with a bob inspired by the 1920s. We love how this cut screams old Hollywood glamor.

bob haircut on heart face shape


While any bob length works great for those with diamond-shaped faces, Rojas recommends adding dimension and movement by either embracing natural curls or curling your hair. Whatever route you decide to take, make sure to keep hair strong and smooth by incorporating the Carol’s Daughter Goddess Strength Divine Strength Leave In Milk into your routine.

bob haircut on diamond face shape


It’s best to keep your bob a little longer (between jaw and shoulder-length) if you have a rectangular face, but Rojas says the key for taking your bob to the next level is getting bangs. Any style of bangs — from soft and feathery to sideswept or even blunt — will look amazing.

bob haircut on rectangular face shape
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