How to Grow Out a Bob Haircut and Avoid the Awkward Stage

March 24, 2020
By: | by L'Oréal

Growing out a bob haircut can be hella awkward. Blunt edges that were perfect for your shorter style can start to look lumpy or square and getting your locks to lay right can become near impossible. The bob-to-lob transition period can be unruly — and that’s a generous statement. To find out the best way to grow out a bob haircut sans awkwardness, and how to style hair during the in-between phase, we turned to celebrity hairstylist Zachary Morad. Find his tips, ahead. 

Bob Haircut Tip #1: Messy Always Works

Is your hair falling flat? Are your blowouts looking a little too rounded? Struggling to style your overgrown bob can be tricky. Take Morad’s advice and wear it on the messy side — give it a zhuzh. Try warming up a pomade in your hand or with a blow dryer and run your fingers through the roots of your hair. This will give it a bit more volume and texture. Not sure what pomade to try? We recommend the L’Oréal Paris Studio Line Overworked Hair Putty.

Bob Haircut Tip #2: Stay on Schedule

While your first inclination might be to skip your haircut, Morad warns against it. Instead, he says paying regular trips to the hairdresser, about every eight weeks, will keep your hair looking fresh and healthy as it grows out. You may even want to consider asking for some light layers to soften the ends of your bob. 

Bob Haircut Tip #3: Accessorize

We’re obsessed with hair accessories at Turns out, our go-to pearl clips and headbands will also help make our bob look more put together in the midst of growing it out. Morad says to secure one side of your hair back with crystal bobby pins for a super chic style that also gives the hair dimension. What’s more, headbands can be a great substitute for a ponytail while your locks are getting back some length.

Bob Haircut Tip #4: Give It a Pop of Color

The process of growing your hair out can definitely lead to some drab days. To help you get through the process, Morad recommends that his clients try a new hair color. Whether you’re feeling adventurous and want to go for a bold, fun color (think: rose gold or ashy blonde) or simply want to add in some highlights, dying your hair is an easy way to refresh your look. 

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