5 Ways to Winter-Proof Your Hair

January 29, 2018
zachary morad
By: Zachary Morad | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
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Winter is upon us, and with it comes dry, brittle, flat hair. Luckily, a small survival kit is all you need to ensure your hair remains gorgeous throughout the cold season. Ahead, find the five golden rules that editors swear by during the winter months.

Keep It Moisturized 

One of the first things you will start to notice about your hair this winter is it may feel, and even look, a bit dry. During these months the moisture level in the air is very low, which for most people will result in your hair lacking moisture as well. The best way to ensure that your hair remains silky and hydrated is to switch to a shampoo and conditioner especially formulated for dry hair. This will replenish any moisture that has been lost as well as maintain the moisture levels in your hair.

Stay Dry

Leaving the house with a wet head in winter is an absolute no-no, not only for your health but also the health of your hair. If your hair is holding onto water and the temperature is below freezing, the water in your hair can crystallize and begin to freeze, which will make your hair more prone to breakage.

Cover It Up

Between the cold, the wind and the snow, the wintery elements are no friend of hair so it's necessary to shield your locks to keep them looking fresh. Whether it’s a hat, a hood or a scarf, there are options out there for everyone and every style.

Beat the Cling

By far the biggest problem we have with our hair at this time of year is the dreaded static cling. Try static sheets — like Kerastase Carré Lissant Hair Sheets — which will instantly eliminate static in just one swipe.

Start At The Root

Having a dry, flaky scalp is a concern for many people throughout the year, but this problem gets significantly worse during the dryer months. If you suffer from dry scalp, the only relief is to nourish and hydrate the foundation of your hair. Try Carol's Daughter Rhassoul Clay Sulfate-Free Shampoo which will hydrate, exfoliate and soothe your scalp.

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