4 Black-Owned Wig Brands and Collections to Shop This Holiday Season

November 22, 2023
Shalwah Evans
By: Shalwah Evans | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
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When we think of holiday beauty shopping, we mainly turn to skincare gift sets, luxe makeup palettes and the sort of über-expensive hair care products that one waits to be gifted. This year, it’s time to think outside of the box sets and go where most gift givers rarely dare to go: wigs (aka units, girls, hairpieces). 

And we’re not talking just any ol’ wig (nope, that won’t do for your loved one), we’re talking natural-looking wigs that even the most novice wig wearers (read: first timers) can install confidently. Sure, a great wig can be a bit of a splurge, but ‘tis the season to do your best gift giving. So we’re introducing you to four Black-owned wig brands and collections that will put you at the top of everyone’s nice list. 

Black-Owned Wig Brands and Collections to Shop

True and Pure Texture

Founded by: Pekela Riley in 2016

Pekela Riley has been doing hair (including celebrity styling) for nearly three decades — so she knows a thing or two (or two hundred) about hair. She’s a hair educator, texture artist and has led the curriculum for major hair care brands. You’ve seen her work in magazines and other editorial spreads, even when you didn’t know it was executed by her treasured hands. 

She launched True and Pure Texture (extensions and wigs) after seeing her clients struggle to conform, wearing hair textures that didn’t celebrate or embrace their natural beauty. Riley also wanted to launch a brand dedicated to sustainability, environmental consciousness, and social responsibility.

“True and Pure Texture, as a hair extension brand, represents the commitment to providing genuine and authentic solutions for women seeking to embrace their natural hair textures,” she tells Makeup.com. "True signifies the brand's dedication to creating [hair] that closely mirrors the diverse kinks, coils, curls, and waves found in natural hair. Pure reflects the brand's unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and ensuring that the materials used in the extensions are responsibly obtained.” 

We love the True and Pure Texture wig collection because new wig wearers can start with a super easy headband wig that has easy-on, easy-off capabilities, then gradually work their way up to lace front options as they get more used to installation. Even the lace wigs can be worn without the need for glue; they come pre-plucked, with pre-bleached knots, and have natural texture hairlines and parts that need minimal blending.  

You can currently choose from nine wig staples, which start at $399 and can be customized to your preferred length and for your cap size. Visit True+Pure Texture to shop natural hair wigs. 

Person wearing a True and Pure Texture wig

Nahara’s Curls

Founded by: Elena Lewis in 2019

When Elena Lewis, a hairstylist specializing in natural hair for Black women, noticed a significant need among her clientele for hair extensions that aligned with their love for natural hair, a lightbulb went off. Initially, she started experimenting with different vendors to assist her customers, but ultimately it all led to the Long Beach, California mom starting her own brand. 

"I envision Nahara's Curls as a representation of the beauty inherent in natural hair,” says Lewis. “Our mission is to provide ease and variety to our customers. We aspire to celebrate and enhance natural beauty, making it accessible to all." 

Named after her daughter (whose middle name is Nahara) who served as a big inspiration for the company, Nahara’s Curls offers a variety of wigs and hair extensions that range from loose waves to tight coils. Its wigs come pre-plucked with clean, bleached knots and the HD lace wigs have a skin-like blend to give a real natural from-the-scalp look. For a wig newbie this means you take it out of the box, put it on your head and in a few minutes (post cutting the lace if necessary) you’re done. 

You can also opt for a glueless wig, which comes with an adjustable band inside the cap and a few combs or clips for added security, so you don’t need glue and won’t have to worry about sweat lifting your lace on hot days. And if you’re not sure where you stand on the middle part versus side part debate, opt for a lace front wig, which boasts a generous 13x6 inch lace area, offering ample space for versatile parting.

Choose from 14 wig styles that start at $495 and typically have clip-in and wefted counterparts you can also buy if you want to add more volume to your unit (though they come very dense and high quality). Visit Nahara’s Curls to shop wavy, curly and coily undetectable wigs.

Nahara's Curls wig


Founded by: Sisters Isoken Igbinedion and Ifueko Igbinedion in 2022

The journey to Parfait began with Iso's personal experience with hair damage and her exploration of the hair product market. Driven by the challenges of managing textured hair and the lack of tech innovation in the hair products market (especially when it came to Black hair), the sisters set out to disrupt the industry. 

Using AI and computer vision technology to enhance the wig buying experience, they launched Parfait, with a focus on serving people of color. “We saw an opportunity to use our tech expertise to create a better wig buying experience and address these unmet needs,” says Ifueko.

You may think of a tasty treat when you think of the word parfait, and that’s exactly what a brand new wig can be for someone looking to update their look. “The name ‘Parfait’ symbolizes the multifaceted nature of women, the diverse experiences of customers with their technology, and the varied reasons for wearing wigs, which extend beyond vanity,” Iso explains to makeup.com. “The name encapsulates the brand's commitment to offering a tailored, inclusive, and empowering wig-buying and wearing experience.”

Parfait’s wig collections are designed to be user-friendly so even wig novices can install them comfortably and wear them with confidence. Each wig is custom-made to match your skin complexion and the cap is sized to fit snugly on your head to make wearing a Parfait wig an enjoyable and expressive experience. The brand even teamed up with the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) during Alopecia Awareness Month, donating a portion of sales to the organization and rallying to raise funds to support awareness, education and research for alopecia. 

For the founders, it’s part of their mission to dispel the stigma attached to hair loss, and to help individuals living with hair loss navigate the challenges of it while having personalized, well-fitting wigs available to them. They aim to “not only deliver high-quality products but also to act as champions for constructive change both inside and outside of the business.”

The collection currently includes dozens of wigs that range in length, color and texture — so there’s something for everyone on your list. Wigs start at $405 and are all customizable, down to styling (Add curls? Want layers?). Visit Parfait Tailored Hair to create your perfect natural-looking wig.

Person wearing a Parfait Tailored Hair wig

Kim Kimble by HairUWear

Launched by: Kim Kimble in 2022

You may not be able to get those Beychella honey blonde tresses that live rent-free in our heads, but you could get hair designed by the stylist responsible for them (and a plethora of other celebrity hairdos). Kim Kimble, a legend in the game, has been doing hair since 1991. (If you’re reading this and you weren’t even born yet, just know, it was a really good year) She’s been offering her own line of hair care products and tools for years and now, she’s making effortless, luxe hair available through her latest wig collection with HairUWear

“For years I made custom wigs for people, but you know, it’s expensive to customize color and cut,” she says. “I wanted people to have access to styles that were already colored, cut and ready to wear. Instead of people trying to figure out how to use lace frontals, and make the wigs look natural, I wanted to give them something that would make the process easier.”

While Kim Kimble by HairUWear wigs are synthetic (which is a plus if you need something that will last a long time), you can still use up to 350 degrees of heat to style them. So you can get curls and waves on straighter styles, and vice versa. These are all also put on and go styles — you don’t have to glue the lace and it seamlessly blends in with your skin. 

The caps are designed to grip the head and be really secure. We also love that the lace comes pre-cut, so if that’s the hardest part about installing a lace front wig, Kimble has already eliminated that work for you. You can go from a straight pixie cut to a medium-length bob to wavy layers by simply switching out your girl.

You can choose from 12 units ranging in length, texture and style. Wigs start at $289 and come in a variety of colors. Visit The Wig Company to shop all styles from Kim Kimble. 

Person wearing the Kim Kimble Hannah wig
Photos: True and Pure Texture, Nahara's Curls, Parfait, and Kim Kimble, Design: Juliana Campisi

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