5 Haircuts You’ll See Everywhere in 2023

January 24, 2023
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
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You can get a new haircut anytime, but the start of a new year is a great motivator to switch up your look. From the butterfly haircut to a mullet-shag hybrid (aka the “shullet”), there’s a trending haircut that will match anyone’s personal style and hair goals in 2023. Below, we asked two hairstylists to share their 2023 haircut trend forecast. Don’t forget to save your favorites for later so you can bring them with you to the salon!

The Butterfly Haircut

Inspired by a butterfly’s wings, this long, layered cut is the perfect way to maintain length while adding lots of movement and volume to your hair. It’s particularly flattering on thicker hair, and works with all textures. “Since this look is so versatile, be sure to provide your stylist with visuals so they can execute it based on your hair type and achieve the style that best suits you,” says Michelle O’Connor, the Global Artistic Director of Matrix.

The Bullet Bob

Tom Smith, hairstylist and creative director at Evo Hair, predicts the bullet bob will be the biggest trend in short hair this year. He calls the cut an evolution of the shag, mullet and wolf cut that have been popular in the past few years. “Rather than returning to a classic bob shape, this medium-length haircut has had a ‘mullet’-inspired makeover, incorporating outgrown curtain bangs with a layered bob shape,” he says. “Ask your stylist to cut a choppy, layered bob that just hits the top of your shoulders and add a shorter detailed piece that sits around the hollow of your cheekbone to contour your face and modernize this ‘mid’ length.”

The Shullet

Like the bullet bob, the shullet is a mix of two popular haircutting techniques combined into one. “This hairstyle is a crossover between a shag and mullet with a cut that gives great attitude yet is still effortless and cool,” says O’Connor. Ask your stylist for lots of short, choppy layers throughout your hair, and make sure to keep that extra length in the back to maintain the mullet vibe.

The C-cut

Unlike the V-cut, where the ends of your hair are cut in a tapered V-shape, the C-cut is all about keeping the ends perfectly round, with long layers that “cup” the face, says O’Connor. “Ask for a lot of soft layers that are rounded at the bottom, curving in towards your face.”

The Bixie

Yet another collaborative cut, the bixie is a marriage of a pixie and a bob. It lies between ear-length and neck-length, says O’Connor, and is a great transitional style between short and long hair.

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