Deven Hopp Jul 24, 2013
how to fill in eyebrows If you’ve never been scolded by a makeup artist or eyebrow enthusiast for failing to fill in your eyebrows, let us take this time to give the lecture you’ve been missing. A filled-in brow can open up your eyes, making you look wide-awake and bright-eyed–even more so than your morning latte. Still worried you might overdo it? Fear not. Shapely eyebrows that look natural are totally attainable, and thanks to the Urban Decay Brow Box an eyebrow makeover is only one minute away. 5 seconds: Using a spoolie brush (that round spiral brush that looks like a mascara wand), brush your brows out and up away from the center of your face. 30 seconds: Using an angled brush, apply the brow color in short, hair-like strokes. Alternating two colors of powders allows for a realistic, soft finish. Follow your natural arch, filling in sparse areas, but don’t overextend your eyebrows outside of their original shape. 10 seconds: Run the spoolie over the eyebrows once more to blur any harsh markings. Then set all your hard work in place with quick swipe of brow wax, which tends to be less noticeable than gel. 15 seconds: To make your beautiful brows really pop, use a small concealer brush to apply a brightening concealer right underneath your eyebrows. Total Time: 1 minute. What do you use to fill in your eyebrows? Fill us in below. Photos: Thinkstock


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