Angela Melero Jun 6, 2014
We don’t know about you, but nothing sends us over the moon quite like a fresh new handbag. We love the thrill of taking it out on the town for the first time and the pride that sets in when it is recognized (and envied) by our friends (and enemies — especially enemies). There is, however, one type of bag that delivers the opposite effect of those of the Chanel variety. That’s right, we’re talking about the bags (and their dark-circled cousins) that appear unceremoniously under your eyes. But we’re not ones to take this problem lying down. We’ve got the non-surgical remedy to your under-eye woes that plastic surgeons probably don’t want you to know. Don’t worry — it’ll be our little secret. how to fix undereye bags


  1. Ice ’em. Cold temperatures are soothing to the delicate eye area and help with puffiness and swelling. Get a couple ice cubes from the freezer and wrap them in plastic or a paper towel. Place the ice over your eyes for a few minutes. 2. Conceal it. We’re not ones to just throw any old product at you, especially when you’re dealing with something as heavy-duty as under-eye bags. So believe us when we say that Giorgio Armani Maestro Eraser Concealer is a game-changer for your eyes. Not only does it neutralize dark circles, but it also brightens the eye area and keeps it hydrated and healthy-looking. With your ring finger, dab some under your eyes, and get ready to see some magic. 3. Massage. Gently massage the region to help the product penetrate (and get some blood flowing to the area).   And there you go. With just three easy steps you’ll be looking bright-eyed and bushy-tailed all day long!   What are your secrets to beating under-eye baggage? Give us the scoop in the comments below.   Photo: thinkstock


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