Mascara is an indisputable beauty staple, but when it can’t give us as much volume as we want (need), eyelash extensions can certainly come in handy. If you’ve done the research before or if you’ve already taken a trip to the salon to invest in extensions, you probably know they fall out on their own in two to three weeks. But what if you’re desperate to get those lash extensions off ASAP?

As beauty-obsessed individuals, we’ve experimented with DIY beauty tips and tricks before and there are sure as hell are a bunch of different ones on our personal Pinterest pages. But when it comes to messing with our eyelashes, we’re not as willing to take risks that can result in, you know, losing them completely and consequently losing our minds. So this is why we approached two popular eyelash extension techniques with some hesitation. One method requires that you use steam your face and then gently rub off the lashes with olive oil and the other recommends using lash glue remover, but only “if you can’t get back to the salon.”

Unfortunately, the final verdict isn’t the DIY dream you were hoping for. “I do not recommend removing eyelash extensions with DIY methods,” says Cristina Monaco, PA-C specializing in cosmetic dermatology at the Schweiger Dermatology Group. “When in doubt, always go to the professionals – in this case, go back to your eyelash extension specialist for proper removal. This will prevent damage and breakage of your lashes.”

The good news is that there are, in fact, some salons that offer free eyelash extension removal. If you make the decision to get them, do your research beforehand to ensure that you can get them taken off for free as soon as you’re ready for them to be gone – because let’s face it: No one wants to lose their real lashes in pursuit of trying to get more.

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