The Best Advice We’ve Learned From Female Beauty Bosses

March 08, 2021
Sarah Ferguson
By: Sarah Ferguson | by L'Oréal

Each month, we shine a spotlight on a beauty pro who we admire. Some are beauty veterans who have helped shape the industry as we know it, others are just starting to shake things up in a major way. In honor of International Women’s Day, we’re looking back on some of the best advice we’ve learned from female beauty bosses. Whether you have dreams about starting your own business or just need a good pep talk, read on for words of wisdom from the women behind Uoma Beauty, Carol’s Daughter, Kitsch and more. 

Beauty Comes From the Inside Out

“Beauty is something that is inherent in every single person. It cannot be put on or wiped off. It is a light that shines from within. Beauty is by nature.” — Lisa Price, founder of Carol’s Daughter


Go at Your Own Pace

“I’ve wanted to create my own brand for a long time, and it was one of those questions that I got asked a lot, but I tend to do things organically and in my own time. I hadn’t really planned to create and launch a lipstick first, but I had a dream that I was doing someone’s makeup using lipsticks that were made out of velvet. I always wondered if it would be possible to create a lipstick like the one in my dream.”— Lisa Eldridge, founder of Lisa Eldridge and global creative director for Lancôme


Focus on Who You Are

“To women of color out there, you know the deck stacked against you. You cannot pay much attention to that. You have to make sure all your energy is going towards the things you can control, like being the best that you can be. Focus on who you are, and let all the other noise fly out. All those prejudices, all those trials around you end up building you up.” — Sharon Chuter, founder of UOMA Beauty


Listen to Your Instincts

“There are so many things about BREAD that people tried to talk me out of. One of the pillars of our identity is the face visual on our Hair-Wash and Hair-Mask. This was one of the very first concepts that I wanted to exist within the brand, but along the way so many different designers tried to talk me out of doing it. If I hadn’t stuck to my guns and trusted my instinct on it, it wouldn’t exist, and it’s one of the most identifiable things about our brand.” — Maeva Heim, founder of BREAD


Think Outside the Box

“My background as a scientist and my husband’s background as a civil engineer are our best competitive advantages. Inevitably, we think outside the box, so when we launch a product, it is because it works and, more importantly, pushes the industry forward.” — Simone Xavier, co-founder of Sigma Beauty


Follow an 80:20 Approach

“I’ve always believed in an 80:20 approach to my own wellness habits and business practices. In my personal life, that means 80% of the time I try to maintain a healthy balanced routine, but I’ll be flexible the other 20%, sans guilt. I’ve applied that same philosophy to Westman Atelier.” — Gucci Westman, pro makeup artist and founder of Westman Atelier


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Unexpected

“Urban Decay resonated because not only was it a shocking name for a makeup brand, it was also catchy. It reflects our ideas about how beauty can be different, unexpected and unusual, like finding inspiration in the iridescent rainbow sheen of an oil slick. People love that it’s a little bit high-spirited and doesn’t fit with other beauty notions.” — Wende Zomnir, founder of Urban Decay


Visualize Your Fears

“I feel like fear is something that holds a lot of people back. Fear of opinions of others, failing, difficult challenges or even fear of success can stifle what you're feeling called to do. I'm a big believer in visualization. Sometimes when things seem too overwhelming or fear creeps in, I think it's OK to go to that dark place and play it through. Visualize yourself going through a hard time and coming out the other side prevailing. It won't seem as scary.” — Cassandra Thurswell, founder of Kitsch


Create a Network of Support

“I wouldn't be where I am without embracing and accepting failure, learning to be resilient and leaning on my network. Seek out mentors and create your own personal board of directors. And make sure to pay it forward!” — Nancy Twine, founder of Briogeo


Remember That Representation Matters

“Representation is not just forward-facing, it’s not just about the models and color range you supply. What is equally important is diversity within the team — who is on your marketing team? Research and design team? We continually see how easy it can be to misrepresent folks, their stories and needs if you don’t have organically diverse teams.” — LaLa Romero and Natalia Durazo, founders of Sweet Street Cosmetics

“Balance” Is Different for Everyone

“For me, balance is about feeling fulfilled in all areas of my life: my relationships, my career, my role as a mother and wife and my relationship with myself. It doesn’t mean getting everything on my to-do list done or striving for perfection. It really is about taking care of myself first and foremost, so I can show up as my best self and do all of the things in my life that make me happy When I do that, I feel like I’ve hit the right balance for me.” — Annie Lawless, founder of Lawless Beauty
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