How to Get Eyebrows Like an Influencer — In 5 Steps

February 26, 2018
How to Get Eyebrows Like an Influencer — In 5 Steps

Presenting … a step by step by the M Crowd — the wildly talented group of makeup influencers who create exclusive content just for Here, Miranda shows us how to achieve an influencer-worthy brow look.

Let’s get real for a second — it’s easy to be a little jealous of all the amazing eyebrows you often see on your Instagram feed. Beauty gurus have a knack for creating transformative eyebrow looks using nothing but pencil and powder. Ahead, find five steps to achieve a totally influencer-worthy brow — with minimal effort.

Step 1: I start by drawing a line under the front of my brow with the IT Cosmetics Brow Power Pencil. We’ll come back to this at the end.

Step 2: Then, I fill in the rest of my brow using short, quick strokes.

Step 3: My most sparse area of my brows is my arch. I take the most time shaping it and filling it in to create the brow look I want.

Step 4: I bring the top and bottom of the brow together at the tail, which tapers to a point.

Step 5: I use the spoolie side of the pencil to brush the product through, softening the look. I start at the front, brushing upward from the line I drew in the beginning. This creates a lighter effect at the front of the brow for a more natural look.

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