Whitney Port’s Favorite Beauty Tips Are Surprisingly Simple

June 07, 2018
Marisa Petrarca
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Whitney Port

If you’ve checked out Whitney Port’s blog lately or happen to follow her on the ’gram, you’re well aware of her effortlessly chic aesthetic, stylish-yet-comfy fashion sense and natural (yet glam) makeup looks. “The Hills” actress (remember that show??) has built her own lifestyle brand, shedding her light on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health and more. If you need any more reasons to love her, Port recently partnered with Marshalls — meaning she loves finding trendy things for good deals. We can relate.

We had a chance to sit down with Port to learn more about her partnership, her skincare and makeup routine, as well as beauty tips for moms. Check it out, ahead.

Your makeup is SO pretty! Tell us about your current look.

I knew that I was wearing yellow, hot pink and silver earrings, so I thought, should I do a hot pink lip or something silver to bring out the earrings? My makeup artist Taylor Fitzgerald chose silver and just did a wash of silver on the eye with a light tinted moisturizer, peach blush and natural Chapstick.

Can you tell us a bit about your summer skin care and makeup routine?

My routine doesn’t really change throughout the season. For summer, what’s really important is SPF — you want to load up on so much more. I wear a tinted moisturizer with SPF so I get a two-for-one with the product. I love a dewy look for the summer. Summer’s the time you can get away with less-is-more.

How do you define your personal style and how does your beauty routine play into it?

Well, I always pick out what I’m wearing first and then my beauty look comes second. Fashion for me is a reflection of my personality, so I like to have fun with it and not take myself too seriously. I don’t think you have to stick to one aesthetic — sometimes I’m a T-Shirt and jeans girl, and sometimes I want to wear hot pink trousers. Comfort for me is always key, no matter what.

We heard you’re mani obsessed? What summer nail color are you looking forward to?

Oh my god — there are so many good colors. I love lavender, I love corals and I’ve always loved a bright red for summer. I’m all about a pop of color.

What does a day of relaxation look like for you?

Probably going to get a manicure or pedicure somewhere and maybe a massage. Then I’ll maybe sit outside for lunch somewhere by myself, come home, plop myself on the couch and watch some TV — maybe insert a little bit of shopping in there.

Do you have any beauty tips for moms?

Just keep your routine simple and focus on little pops of something, so you don’t have to think about a whole routine. So if you don’t do a full routine every day, just stick to a bold pop of color on your lip with a simple eye and a brushed up brow. Embrace being natural and let your hair dry naturally — less is more.

Do you have any travel packing tips?

Plan all of your outfits in advance from head to toe, including shoes, sunglasses and accessories. Try to pick just a couple pairs of shoes that go with everything. I also always keep a toiletry bag packed of all travel sized things so I don’t have to always pack my cosmetics up again. I keep it in a drawer in my bathroom and it’s so easy because all I have to add is my toothbrush — everything else is in there.

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