8 Cloud Nail Art Ideas for Your Dreamist Manicure Yet

October 17, 2022
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
hand with cloud nail art on nails

We can’t help but feel calm whenever we see a new manicure with a dreamy cloud design. Whether you want to DIY the atmospheric look, need inspiration for your next nail appointment or simply scrolling for the good vibes, we gathered our favorite cloud nail art manis ahead.

Clear Blue Skies 

This nail art look reminds us of a sunny, summer afternoon so of course, we’re into it. If you’re looking to recreate it at home, try using Essie You Do Blue. The twinkling periwinkle shade will add a touch of shimmer to your cloudy mani.

Dreamy Acrylics 

If you’re team acrylics, rest assured you can take part in this nail trend. We love this manicure created by @adoreaxo. Between the soft pastel shades and the addition of fun charms and nail piercings, this set is pure glam.

A Soft, Simple Mani

If you love a soft, simple manicure, you can’t go wrong with this look created by @karanailedit. The natural base polish allows the clouds to be the star of the show without looking overwhelming.

A Glitter-Filled Goodnight

This sparkling manicure reminds us of a dreamy, cloudy night. We love how @ricekittynails combined two nail trends in one: jelly nails and cloud designs.

An Ombré So Good

An ombré design can take any look to the next level, including cloud nail art. While you can choose any two colors you want, we love this light purple and blue combination for a calming vibe.

End of the Rainbow

If cheerful colors and playful designs make you feel your best, you’ll love this rainbow set with neon accents and sprinkles of glitter.

Cloudy Chrome

We don’t anticipate the chrome nail trend going away anytime soon, which is why we had to include this dreamy metallic set. Alternating shades of pastels add a whimsical touch.

Purple Swirls

Have fun with multiple designs by incorporating swirls, clouds, sparkles and French tips in one manicure. Painted in shades of lavender and white, the effect is surprisingly soft and minimal.

Photo: @karanailedit

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