10 Pink Nail Ideas — So You Can Embrace the Color of the Summer

July 06, 2023
Jordan Julian
By: Jordan Julian | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Close-up of a hand with a pink heart manicure with white French tips sticking out of a hot pink jacket sleeve.

If it suddenly seems like everywhere you look, you see the color pink, we’re here to tell you that you’re not just imagining it. Pink has taken off in a big way in the past couple of months and it’s safe to say that it is the color of summer 2023. At Makeup.com, we’ve always been big fans of the rosy shade. From neon magenta to barely-there blush tones, there are tons of different ways to embrace the color pink. Why not start with your nails? We’ve rounded up 10 adorable, pretty-in-pink nail ideas to try at your next salon appointment. Whether your mani taste is futuristic chrome or dainty hearts and flowers, there’s a pink nail design for everyone.  

3D Chrome Embellishments

Pink nails don’t have to be overly girly or delicate. This manicure features twisty, three-dimensional silver chrome flowers on an ombré pink base for a cool and edgy effect. 

French Tips and Daisies

How cute are these tiny white daisies with hot pink centers? Nostalgic and summery, these nails would make our middle school selves jealous — in the best way. Pink French tips to match the flowers add an extra pop of color. Essie Mod Square is one of our favorite hot pink polishes. 

Rippling Hearts

We’re crushing on these pink and white rippling hearts that accent every other nail. This mani incorporates three shades of pink — a fuchsia, a candy pink and a light pink. The cartoon-like hearts are offset by classic white French tips.


Add fiery flare to your nails with these ultra cool flame tips. The thin glitter outline against a baby pink ombré background gives this look some subtlety and sophistication. To get a matte finish like the mani in this photo, finish with a layer of the Essie Gel Couture Matte Top Coat.

Chrome Gradient

Chrome nails are all the rage this year and we love the idea of softening the modern trend with pink polish. The gradient of different pinks adds another trend into the mix, too. This mani would look great on all nail lengths and shapes.  


Teensy tiny cherries adorn this oh-so-sweet French manicure. These adorable nails are proof that bright red and baby pink are a winning color combo. Plus, fruit-inspired nails are perfect for summer.

Metallic Stars

Metallic magenta stars make for a dreamy celestial manicure. We love the idea of adding them to a clear or neutral base for a take on the negative space trend

Hot Pink French Tips

Put a twist on a French manicure with these glitter-outlined tips. The hot pink color of the tips electrifies a lighter ombré base. Pro tip: Make your mani last using the Essie Stay Longer Longwear Top Coat.   

Rhinestone-Adorned French Manicure

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with some bling. Little rhinestones give this negative space French manicure some extra sparkle and texture. Take a cue from this Instagram user and opt for a super long, square-shaped set.

Cat-Eye Nails

Chances are you’ve seen cat-eye nails popping up more frequently on your Instagram and TikTok feeds in the past few months. Accomplished using special magnetic nail polish, the sparkly effect looks stunning in a rose-hued polish. 

Photo: @charsgelnails_

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