10 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Looks Better Than a Box of Sweethearts

February 06, 2020
By: Marisa Petrarca | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
10 Valentine’s Day Nail Art Looks Better Than a Box of Sweethearts
Planning your Valentine’s Day look? If you already got your V-Day makeup and hairstyle mapped out, it’s time to move on to your nails. Even if you’re someone who can’t stand the lovey-dovey day filled with all the candy eating, teddy bear gifting and emotional movie viewing, we’re guaranteeing you’ll fall in love with at least one of these holiday-inspired nail art designs. So whether you’re anti-Valentine’s Day or started celebrating a month ago, check out ten nail art ideas perfect for every personality.  

XO-Inspired Nail Art
Celebrity manicurist Rita Remark created this nail look using the new Essie Valentine’s Day Nail Polish Collection. She used the sheer baby pink shade named Crush and Blush to coat the nails, followed by the true-red shade named Essie Love to create the XO art. If you’re going to DIY, we recommend using a nail art striper brush to perfect the look.

Forget Real Roses
A dozen red roses are pretty and all, but chances are, a good manicure will last longer (unless we’re talkin’ Venus ET Fleur). Skip the bouquet and recreate this thin-lined rose illustration  — or have a professional nail tech perfect the look for you.

A Minimalist Touch
For a nail look that’s easy to DIY, paint your nails with a light pink shade of polish like Essie Mademoiselle. From there, use a nail-art dotting tool to create three intertwining red hearts.

This Chic-But-Simple Nail Art
Perhaps you don’t want your nails to scream “Valentine’s Day.” In that case, opt for an understated mani like this one from Paintbox.

Heart-Tip Nail Art
Heart-themed nails are all over Pinterest, and in truth, they’re not all so great. But a version we can definitely get behind are these heart-tip acrylics by Fariha Ali.

Delicate Pressed-Flower Nails
Betina Goldstein casually recycled baby’s breath flowers from a cocktail (like it’s easy), and they managed to stay on her nails for three days. In her Insta comments, Goldstein explains: “The flowers are very delicate, so you have to make sure you just gently pat dry your hands when you shower or wash your hands. Ideally, I would put a top coat on top of them to seal it. I just loved the rustic finish of the natural flowers without shine.” Considering this mani won’t last more than a few days, it’s perfect to debut for V-Day.

Sweeter Than Sweethearts
@HeyMichelleLee turned everyone’s favorite V-Day treat into something a little bit sweeter. While it might take you some time to DIY, we’re fond believers it’ll be worth it when you’re being flooded with compliments. 

Pink Glitter 
All holidays need just a little bit of glitter to be festive, don’t you think? If you’re on the same page, then try going for a pink glitter mani that will make everyone swoon. 

Plum Perfect Nails
If you’re over the red and pink manis, try going for this plum variation. It’s moody and different yet on-trend and totally gorgeous thanks to the pearlescent finish.

Statement Nails
Statement nails are fun because they allow you to dabble in a fun design or color without feeling like your entire manicure is over-the-top. Try highlighting one finger with a dotted heart design for a mani that’s cute, dainty and on-theme without being obnoxious. 

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