Milky Nails Are Trending, Here Are Some of Our Fave Looks to Try at Home

May 18, 2020
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal
Okay, serious question: Is it just us or have manicure trends become really elaborate lately? Don’t get us wrong, give us all the lucite and holographic nail ideas because they’re literally stunning, but let’s not forget that there’s beauty in simplicity (and they’re a hell of a lot easier to DIY). Case in point? Milky nails. This creamy white nail trend is proof that a single-colored manicure doesn’t have to be boring. So whether you want to get a full set of milky nails or get experimental (milky French mani, anyone?), you’re sure to find a style that suits you. Ahead, we’re gathering some of our favorite milky nail ideas for ultimate at-home mani inspo.

Classic Milky Nails

What we love most about milky nails is that they aren’t just a regular white manicure. They’re an off-white shade with a beautiful, shiny (almost-creamy) finish. It’s a soft, classic and refreshing twist on your traditionally vibrant summer manicure. Achieve this similar iridescent finish using Essie Going Steady, which is a milky ivory shade with subtle shimmers.

Milky Meets Marble

Have you seen marble manicures yet? Combine the creamy white finish with mesmerizing swirls for a customized milky manicure that’s absolutely stunning.

Milky French Mani

Spice up your classic French manicure by adding a subtle ombré and shiny, milk finish. Bonus points if you take a shimmery top coat, like Essie Pure Pearlfection, and apply on top for maximum iridescence. 

The Milky Way 


This is the milky nail art of our dreams. We love how @nailedbymele created statement clouds on every other finger to create an ethereal manicure. 

A Subtle Take

If you’re more of a mani minimalist, you can totally try this trend and tone it down to suit your style. Here, Barron Beauty creates her own variation of milky nails by using a sheer off-white shade. Try it yourself using a shade like, Essie Sheers to You.

Make ’Em Matte


While that glossy finish is part of what makes this nail trend so alluring, you can totally make them matte and get the same milky effect. Case in point? This manicure by @nails_and_females

Photo Courtesy of: @alina_maria_birlan

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