Mar 31, 2017


Red lipstick has earned its place in the makeup ‘haul’ of fame, and rightfully so. With roots dating back to Ancient Egypt — Cleopatra herself was known to flaunt a red lip — the crimson shade has literally withstood the test of time. And while other lipstick shades have managed to capture our fleeting interest — nude, purple, pink — red will always have our hearts.
But let’s be honest, red lipstick has many faces. Blue undertones, brown undertones, classic red, coral, mulberry, and cherry — the color options are endless. And finishes? Between the glosses, mattes, satins, creams and stains our heads are literally spinning with a merry-go-round of gorgeous red lippies. Can we get an ‘amen’ to that? However, for the sake of keeping your makeup arsenal in check, we decided to break it down for you. First, check out our tips for how to properly prep your lips for the red-lipstick life. Then, check out our picks for the best red lipsticks, ever. 


Lip Care 101

The key to successfully pulling off this bold look is in the prep and technique. Here, four easy steps to rockin’ a red lip.

Step #1: Exfoliate

Dry, dehydrated lips are a no bueno for a bold lip. Dryness can lead to flaking, bleeding and uneven color. Keep your lips healthy and flake-free by using a lip exfoliant or scrub daily to slough away dead skin and ensure the surface is smooth and supple. Try The Body Shop Lip Scuff or a homemade scrub of brown sugar and coconut oil. Warning: Make sure you exfoliate gently. Don’t overdo it or you could cause some serious irritation that will put your lips in a worse condition than they were at the start. Using your finger or the stick, make small gentle circle motions over your lips (moving from one side to the other) for about half a minute then rinse off with a warm washcloth and water. Do this once a day and you’ll be in good shape. 

Step #2: Moisturize

After you’ve exfoliated, immediately pump your lips with moisture to keep them soft. Keep a lip balm in your purse, desk and car so you can reapply throughout your day (in between application sessions of your red lippie). Try a potent formula like Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 or Maybelline Baby Lips Moisturizing Lip Balm. If you’re prone to dryness and/or get dehydrated quickly, go for the big guns and slather on some coconut oil or almond oil on the lips after scrubbing them. Similar to the technique you used for exfoliating, use a soft, massaging motion (in a circular pattern) to stimulate circulation in the lips and allow for better absorption of the oil. Do this for a minute and then remove excess oil by dabbing the lips with a tissue. 

Step #3: Prime and Line

Just like your face and eyes, lips require adequate prep to ensure color doesn’t bleed or fade. Start with a solid primer that will allow your color to last longer and truly pop. You can use a lip-priming formula like NYX Lip Primer or, in a pinch, a concealer will work fine, too. Put a few dots along your top and bottom lip, then blend them in with your finger, going overtop of your lips and along your outer lip line.
Lip liner is always a non-negotiable with red lips, as it serves as an invisible fence for your color. It helps keep your red shade on your lips and not on the rest of your mouth area. So line the lips well with a shade that complements your lip color, then smudge the color across your lips as well— this helps prime them even more. After applying your lipstick, retrace the edge of your lips once more to cover your tracks. 

Step #4: Pick the RIGHT Red

While we fully encourage you to wear whatever red shade makes you feel the fiercest, there are certain shades that are proven to flatter specific skin tones. Educate yourself by, first, finding your right skin tone and, second, figuring the right red to flatter your tone. Use this guide to find out which lipstick shades work best for you. 
A quick and dirty guide to picking the right red lippie goes as follows: 
Fair skin tones: Complement your cooler-toned skin with a red that has a blue or purple undertone. A cherry or classic red are a good way to go. 

Medium/olive skin tones: This skin tone is ideal since you can wear a wide range of shades. We say go bold by opting for an oxblood shade or reddish-coral. 

Warm/deeper skin tones: Work with the warm, red tones of your face by opting for an equally deep red shade. A brick-red or deep crimson will pop against your dark skin tone.


About the Author:Our goal is to create a beauty experience that’s personalized, educational and, most of all, fun.

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