Some days, there’s just not enough dry shampoo in the world to make your hair look acceptable for public viewing. When this day comes, a good shampoo is in order. But try as we might to make the blow-drying process as painless as possible, sometimes we’re just not up for the task. Whether it’s because the summer heat is too stifling to even fathom turning on a hot blow dryer or just because you slept through your alarm (again), you needn’t ever leave the house looking like a drowned rat. Try one of these quick styles and no one will ever know your hair was a wet mop two minutes ago. wet hair hairstyles

The Braid

From the classic braid to the complex one, braids of all kinds are great for wet hair. Hair can be easier to braid when it’s wet, so this is an easy solution that still looks stylish. If you’re short on time, try a basic braid. And if you’ve got a few extra minutes, try a bit of an upgraded plait. Not a wiz at braiding? Try our simple trick for mastering the braid. The best part? After your hair has dried, undo it, shake it out and sprinkle in a little texturizing powder for tousled waves.  

The Chic Chignon

The secret to the chignon is that it should be sleek and smooth — both of which are easier to achieve with wet hair. Use a brush to pull your hair to the nape of your neck, brushing the hair so that it’s smooth and close to your scalp. This way, it is less noticeable that your hair is wet.  

The Romantic Side Bun

Can’t decide between a bun and a braid? This side bun has you covered with both. It’s a look that’s a little more casual than the chignon, but a little less simple than the basic braid. We love that it’s so feminine with a touch of boho chic.   How often do you leave the house with a head of damp hair? We’re dying to know, so tell us below!   Photos: Kristine Payongayong Model: Angela Melero 

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