Does seeing someone with thick, lush hair bring out the green-eyed monster in you? Do you find yourself scouring the Internet for ways to make your fine hair look fuller and thicker? Have you mastered the fine art of teasing? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this article could very well be a game-changer for you. Did you know the answers to your thin hair woes could lie in your haircut? It’s true! The right cut could transform your mane from limp and lifeless to lush and vibrant. Don’t believe us? Read on and check out the three haircuts you need to know about NOW.

Haircuts for Thin Hair

The Bob

The trendiest cut in town just happens to be perfect for those with feather-like locks, especially when done right. Try a blunt bob (or lob, if you don’t want it too short) that’s longer in the front. This allows for versatile styling and it gives your hair some fullness and dimension, which are all good things. To keep your bobbed look from getting limp or flat, try enlisting the help of some volumizing products like root-lifters and thickening sprays.

Product Recommendations: Pureology Volume Instant Levitation Mist, Redken Rootful 06 Root-Lifting Spray

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Happy Medium

Medium-length hair that hangs at or just below your shoulders is a great cut for faking thickness and fuller locks, especially if your thin hair leans on the wavy or curly side. Throw in some long layers to add a little bounce, but make sure to keep the layers blunt. With thin hair, razors and texturizing shears can take away much needed weight and fullness, which are the two things you’re working toward with your haircut. (If you still are in need of texture, try using a texturizing spray like Shu Uemura Texture Wave.) Feeling adventurous? Add some side-swept or blunt bangs (depending on your preference and/or face shape) to give your look extra polish.

Boho Locks

Those long, Blake Lively-esque locks don’t have to just live in your dreams. Make them a reality by trying a long ’do that’s easy on the layers. Instead, keep the layers designated to the front of the head, so they frame your face. The great thing about this cut is it’s super-low maintenance and works with both a side part and a middle part (or any old part for that matter). Try sprinkling some texturizing powder (like L’Oréal Professionel True Grip Texturizing Powder by Tecni.Art) at the roots to give it some life and a va-va-voom factor!

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