If you’re reading this, then you’re not afraid of a little volume at your roots. But what if you weren’t born with naturally thick hair? Enter teasing, a technique that turns flat, fine hair into a bouncy mane with all the texture you could ever want. Plus, it’s ridiculously easy and extremely versatile. To help give a crash course in teasing, we’ve rounded up our favorite step-by-step tutorials. Ahead, find how-tos for everything from giving your hair a little boost at the root to a full-blown backcomb. 


If You Want Straight Hair With Volume 

This tutorial by Harmony Beus is an easy-to-follow video that shows how to get major volume and pin-straight hair all at once. The key? Gently backcomb the hair at an upward angle. Beus starts by holding her hair taut and combing toward the root in small, quick movements. Stay about an inch or two away from your scalp so your create volume rather than frizz. Then, she locks the look in with hairspray (we recommend the L’Oréal Paris Elnett Satin Extra Strong Hold Hairspray) and flat irons the backcombed section, to keep the volume in tact. 


If You Want Waves 

Amp up your roots and get flowy, bouncy curls by following this tutorial from Kelly Strack. First, she teases the crown of her hair. She holds each section up straight and sprays it with hairspray. Then, using a teasing brush, she teases the hair toward root. (Pro tip: Don’t brush up and down. Make sure to lift the brush once it touches the root.) After boosting up the sides of her hair by her ear, Strack finishes styling with a curling iron for a voluminous, everyday look. We’ll be recreating it, STAT. 


If You Want a High Ponytail 

A ponytail that falls flat is fine for running out to the gym, but if you want to glam up your ponytail, take a note from Rachel Vitullo. With sectioned hair, lots of teasing and a paddle brush, she is able to create a stylish pony that looks polished and elevated for a night out. 


If You Want Curly Hair to Look Curlier 

Even if you have naturally curlier hair, teasing can be a great way to amp up the body and fullness of your look. In this tutorial by Kelly Shabazian, she shows us just how to do that. After diffusing her hair and separating her curls, she uses a pick to create mega volume throughout her hair. Instead of focusing on the root however, she teases from the ends to the middle of the strand. This technique gives amazing volume and a little extra oomph to her style. 


If You Want a Volumized Updo 

If you’re in the mood for an updo, but don’t want the heavy base or chignon to make your roots look flat, listen up. This tutorial by Jamison Shaw Hairdressers has a handful of great tips for getting your updo to stay, well, up. She focuses the teasing around the crown of the hair, then smooths the top, secures the tease and styles a gorgeous, braided updo perfect for any occasion.  


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