Behind the Mask: Hair Mask Do’s and Don’ts

We all are familiar with face masks. At one point in her life, every girl has shellacked her face her face in the hopes of either treating a problematic complexion or simply giving it a little pick-me-up. While we’re all about pampering your marvelous mug, we’re going to put it on a shelf for now and focus on another important asset: your hair. You’ve probably heard about the wonders of masks designed to revitalize your locks but never pursued them as an option for your own beauty routine. Take it from us: Once you go hair mask, you never go back. Whether it’s for their hydrating and nourishing properties or shine-delivering action, hair masks should be a staple in every girl’s life. Want to know the ins and outs of hair masks? We break down the do’s and don’ts of these hidden haircare treasures.


Do: Like any beauty treatment or product, research is key. Figure out the key benefits of a hair mask and determine if they align with your specific haircare needs. For example, Pureology Damaged Haircare Mask is designed to prevent breakage and shouldn’t be enlisted to combat a flaky scalp. Do your homework before diving in (literally) head-first.

Don’t: Avoid taking hair mask advice from your bestie. Just because her color-treated hair is obsessed with Kiehl’s Sunflower Color Preserving Deep Recovery Pak, doesn’t mean it will work best for your pristine locks. We hate saying this, since we know you consult with her about everything under the sun, but for something as crucial as your hair, we recommend you discuss hair mask options with a professional hair stylist who can give you some solid product recommendations specifically for your hair.


Do: Follow directions. No hair mask is created equal, and therefore they don’t all have the same instructions. Make sure you read the application instructions thoroughly to achieve the best results. The moral of the story: 5 minutes means 5 minutes!

Don’t: A hair mask is not a replacement for a daily conditioner. Although some have serious deep-conditioning powers (like Redken Real Control Intense Renewal Super Moisturizing Mask), it can be used as a substitute once or twice a week. On these days, your regular conditioner should be de-throned.

Do. Use regularly. For best results, work a hair mask into your beauty routine (according to instructions). Using it once a month usually won’t cut it.

Don’t. Avoid only applying product to the areas that bring you the most distress (for example, the scalp or ends). Evenly distribute the mask so that all of your hair gets a little TLC.

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