Brows. They’re complicated, little features that require lots of attention, TLC, and, not to mention, $$$. These days, full and neat brows are front and center, which is why we want to make sure they’re always on point. To help us better understand the brow-shaping process, and learn some basic brushing techniques we should all be following, we asked brow expert Sania Vucetaj, owner of Sania’s Brow Bar in NYC to sound off on the matter!

Brushing Eyebrows

Before You Get to Brushing …

Before you pick up that spooley or brow brush, there are a few rules of thumb to abide by to make sure you get the best brow shape of your life. Vucetaj follows a specific brow philosophy. “Fuller, natural looking brows are the way to go,” she says. “They're more flattering, sophisticated and more youthful-looking on everyone. There is a difference though between full brows and heavy ones. Brows should not be distracting, but rather, they should work to enhance your eyes. I make sure the brow frames the face perfectly — not too heavy, but also not too thin. A well-shaped brow will lift and open up the eyes.” We couldn’t agree more.  

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Growth Plan

During their first visit to her salon, Vucetaj puts her clients (more specifically, their brows) on a strict growth program, so they can understand the state in which their brows should be in. “Although it can take up to a year to fully repair eyebrows, it’s well worth the wait if it means perfect brows,” she says. “Most salons just clean up brows and for me, it has always been more about a vision. I’m about repairing and maintaining that perfect look.”

Shaping Method

What’s her method of choice for brow shaping? Tweezing. “It’s extremely precise — unlike waxing and threading that pull multiple hairs at once,” Vucetaj explains. “Tweezing is also the best for your skin. Waxing stretches the thin skin and threading pulls hair in every direction, which causes in-grown hair.”

Brush Time

When it comes to filling in brows, Vucetaj recommends using a brow pencil, as it gives the most natural look and is more long lasting. “Once I have filled in the client’s brows, I brush them through with a spooley,” she says. “You should always brush the brows upward, so they sit nicely. And for those who need to trim their brows, make sure you brush brows upward first.”

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