The M Crowd

The ultimate in-the-know team of makeup experts

We teamed up with our favorite makeup-obsessed influencers to share their expertise and create even more amazing tutorials just for you. From foundation hacks to holographic eye looks, the M Crowd delivers on the trends you’ll want to try right now. We know you'll love them as much as we do.

  • Ashley Hall

    Ashley is a true New York native, coming from the Bronx to be exact. She is known for her springy curls, edgy vibes and out of this world glow. Her talents include doing a full face beat (with lashes) while holding a compact mirror and memorizing Beyoncé choreography. When Ashley isn't playing in makeup, she's cuddled up with her boyfriend and fur babies, Chloe and Maison.

  • Julia Salvia

    Julia, a 23 year-old Jersey girl, is a content creator and social media influencer that got her start on YouTube over five years ago. Her content grew over the years — starting off as a makeup artist creating glam looks to creating abstract, super glittery makeup looks that have earned her the title of #GlittahQueen. She loves to share everything that she loves with the world in hopes that it could inspire or help someone.

  • Lonyea Maiden

    Lonyea is a 23 year-old freelance makeup artist. Her love for all things beauty began when she was in the 5th grade, watching her mom do her makeup. She started doing makeup for family and friends, and thus began a seven year affair. She started her YouTube channel her freshman year of college (2013) and graduated from makeup school in 2015. She is so thankful for where makeup has brought her and looks forward to the future.

  • Madison Murrell

    Since the rise of social media, Madison has been sharing her enthusiasm for makeup artistry with others. Her experimentation with colors and shading on skin makes every experience new and exciting. For Madison, blogging ties in perfectly with makeup artistry. The ability to share the products she uses and make comparisons between similar products across different brands creates a new angle for her to showcase her love of makeup. Madison is a luminary, a thought leader and a creative at heart. No matter what Madison is doing, her passion and energy are unstoppable.

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