Ashley Rebecca Sep 24, 2013
makeup questions For most women, beauty and makeup questions start at an early age, and the fascination never seems to fade. Beauty can even become an obsession (I'd like to think a pretty good one at that!). Asking the professionals your burning beauty questions is always a good idea, but to save you some time, here are the five questions I get asked most frequently—plus my answers!

1. Question: Do I always need to wear powder with foundation?

Answer: No. Not all foundations require you to wear powder on top. If luminous skin is the look you are going for, the last thing you need to do is apply a mattifying powder on your face. Powder is best to touch up oily skin and help control shine when needed.  

2. Question: Should I wear eyeliner underneath my eyes?

Answer: It all depends on your eye shape. If you have deeper set eyes, sometimes lining underneath can make them appear smaller than they are. If you have more of round or an almond shaped eye, then liner underneath can look good. The key is knowing what will enhance your eye shape the most and sticking to it.  

3. Question: Am I too old to wear red lipstick?

Answer: No. No one is too old to wear red lipstick. The key with red is deciding how vibrant you want the shade to be. While young girls are usually comfortable with vivid shades of red, more mature women can opt for something sheer, which allows you to wear beautiful color without feeling like the look is too loud.  

4. Question: How long should I keep my mascara?

Answer: 3 months max. You don't want to keep your mascara more than 90 days, due to bacteria that can start to build and sometimes cause eye infections. Switching your mascara out every 3 months for a fresh tube is a great way to avoid any irritating side effects, and keep your lashes looking clump-free.  

5. Question: Can I wear bronzer year round?

Answer: Yes. You can absolutely wear bronzer all year. The key is wearing a sheer bronzer that you can build pigment with, versus something strong. When you have a tan, you can apply more than usual. For the winter months when you're fairer, mix your bronzer and a little loose powder to sheer the color out for a soft, natural finish.   Have any specific makeup questions for me? Let me know in the comments below! Photo: Thinkstock


About the Author:Ashley is a New York City-based makeup artist with a robust list of editorial and celebrity clients.

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