7 Almond Nail Art Looks to Take to Your Next Appointment

March 25, 2019
By: Tembe Denton-Hurst
7 Almond Nail Art Looks to Take to Your Next Appointment

There was a time when we thought almond-shaped nails were unequivocally uncool, the sole domain of red-carpet celebs and well-to-do Upper East Side moms — never to be seen on cool-manicured hands anywhere. But then something happened. And by something we mean minimalist manicure art became a movement, and almond nails were the perfect shape to support these creations. Almond nails taper off softly at the ends, are less severe than their sister shape, the stiletto, and more shapely than oval. They’re undeniably feminine, sleek and allow for natural nails and acrylic nails to both get in on the fun —  they also look great at every length. We’ve rounded up our favorite almond nails ahead, complete with cool nail art you’ll want to copy ASAP.

Almond-Shape Nails We Love to the Moon and Back
Celestially inspired manicures have been popping up more and more recently. We like to think it’s due to a renewed obsession with astrology, but it’s also equally possible that they’re just really freaking pretty (actually, we’re fine with both). We love this darker take on the cosmos, featuring solid black nails, nude nails with black, jeweled accents and a perfectly filed almond shape.

Pretty and Pink Almond Nails
Almond nails are a great shape for keeping it classic and simple, like this nail look from California-based salon Olive & June. The neutral pink shade (OPI Bubble Bath if you’re wondering) is perfect for any occasion, and is a color you can come back to time and time again.

Don’t Let the Sun Set on These Almond Nails
Aptly named Endless Summer, this mani by New York-based nail art salon Paintbox is practically made for close-up photos of your nails. Copy this color combo or try other hues (red and orange anyone?) for a minimalist mani that’ll earn you lots of compliments.

Animal print is in, as is all things cowboy — so this nail look is a match made in trendy heaven. This cow-print mani is simple but effective and an easy way to let everyone know you’ve got the cool-girl thing downpat.

Ride the (Minimalist) Wave
We love a minimalist mani moment, like the look ahead by Brooklyn-based nail tech Kia Stewart. She puts a spin on the classic red manicure, leaving a few nails bare — save for soft red waves and keeping the rest solid crimson. It’s the perfect way to dip your toe in the nail art waters, but don’t blame us if you never want to wear anything else.

Luxe AF
Brooklyn-based salon Wild Oleander is practically a one-stop shop for all of your beauty needs. They do hair, microblading and lashes too — but we’re big fans of their nail art. Feast your eyes upon this trendy almond-shaped mani, featuring jelly nails, a Louis Vuitton monogram and a little bit of bling.

Throw It Back
We can’t look away from this dreamy nude set by San Francisco-based nail tech Lila Robles (known on the internet as @nailjerks). It’s a subtle shift from her often nostalgic, bejeweled looks, but it still maintains that cool-girl charm we can’t get enough of.