Hop On the Hottest Color Trend of Fall With Cherry Mocha Nails

October 27, 2023
Jordan Julian
By: Jordan Julian | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
Photo of a hand painting with cherry mocha nails collaged on a pink graphic background

From the changing leaves to the impending arrival of Halloween, there’s no doubt about it — fall is in full swing. So, it feels safe to declare the official nail color of the season, and cherry mocha nails are the unrivaled top contender. Rich black-cherry-hued tips are all over Instagram and TikTok, aligning with the typical seasonal shift from lighter to darker nail polish palettes, as well as the beauty world’s current obsession with sweet-treat-inspired trends. Ahead, we’re breaking down the equal parts chic and moody look.    

What Are Cherry Mocha Nails?

Similar to blueberry milk nails, cherry mocha nails refers to a nail polish color trend rather than a type of nail art or design. Imagine if your morning mocha had a splash of cherry — it’s a rich, deeply pigmented burgundy resembling the color of black cherries. You can also opt for a dark red polish with brownish undertones to play up the mocha component. 

It’s no surprise the sultry red-brown shade is having a moment. It touches on several different trends we’ve been seeing recently, from the aforementioned unexpected confluence of beauty and food to the revival of ‘90s-influenced grunge aesthetics. 

Besides the color, the key to this look is choosing a completely opaque nail polish. You can save your sheer nail polish for other mani trends, like Korean blush nails or sea glass nails.  

How to Get the Cherry Mocha Nails Look

Unlike some nail trends, which can involve multiple steps or complex designs, cherry mocha nails are totally easy to DIY. It can also work for nails of all shapes and lengths. It just comes down to selecting the right nail polish color, and that’s where we come in. We recommend trying Essie Full Blast, a rich ruby red from the brand’s new fall 2023 collection. Apply two to three coats and finish with a layer of the Essie Stay Longer Top Coat to really make your mani last.   

Photo: @chevanail, Design: Juliana Campisi

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