Halloween Nail Art for Spooky Season

October 30, 2020
Samantha Holender
By: Samantha Holender | Makeup.com by L'Oréal
3 Halloween Nail Art Ideas That Are Beginner-Friendly and Spooky AF

While trick-or-treating may not be part of our Halloween plans this year, you can bet we’re still getting our beauty look ready for October 31. And because our costume makeup is already perfected, it’s time to turn the attention to our manicures. From simplistic devil designs and pumpkin drawings to candy corn gradients, we’ve rounded up the best Halloween nail art to try this spooky season. 

Feeling Evil 

Forget the angel wings, we’re feeling a little more devious this Halloween. We won’t be TP’ing or egging houses, but we will be DIY-ing this devilish manicure. All we need is a vibrant red polish, detail brush and shiny top coat. 

Skull & Bones 

Going as a skeleton this year? Top off the look with this spook-tacular skull-and-bones nail art. If recreating the skull seems too advanced, just replace it with simpler bone detail on the pointer finger. 


For nail art that is basically foolproof, we’re turning to this ghostly manicure. It’s more cute than creepy, too. All you have to do is blob on some white polish (no need to be precise!) and then dot on some black eyes. 

Trick or Treat 

Candy corn is both our favorite October treat and, now, our go-to nail-art design. This mani looks so good, we’re seriously considering taking a bite! 


This themed manicure screams Halloween. It’s taken spooky symbols like jack-o’-lanterns, witches and spiders and made them look sweet. We love the black, orange, green and purple color combo, but feel free to mix and match your colors and designs. 

Drip, Drip 

Whether you’re going as a vampire, nurse or zombie, this manicure is the perfect accessory. It’s a bloody take on the French manicure trend. Just add some dripping red polish to your otherwise sleek and chic mani to give it a Halloween upgrade.

Photo: Tal of @nail_art_by_tal"

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