These Modern Art-Inspired Manicures Belong in a Museum

September 28, 2022
Genesis Rivas
By: Genesis Rivas | by L'Oréal

Say hello to a manicure trend that’s vibrant, chic and perfect for fall museum visits: modern art nails. This nail look consists of abstractly-placed colors and designs. You might have seen these Art Deco, minimalist and abstract-inspired designs while scrolling through your favorite nail artists’ Instagram feeds lately and assumed that they’d be difficult to create at home. Well, we’re here to tell you that this manicure is all about being experimental. There are no rules, only beautiful results. If you need some inspiration to help you DIY this mani, keep scrolling for some of our favorite looks. 

Enigma Nails

Nail artist Jessica Washick masterfully created what she calls “enigma nails” and to say we’re obsessed is an understatement. Take inspo from her fluid, swirly shapes and try recreating them using the unconventional colors from the Essie Expressie Quick Dry Nail Polish line. 

Impressionist Strokes

On short or long nails, these short, layered brushstrokes make for a striking manicure. Mimicking an Impressionist painting, these nails are classy and cool. For a green shade similar to the one that @drs.lounge used below, try Essie Jade It Happen

Abstract Faces

This modern manicure keeps it simple in the most stunning way. Only two shades are needed to achieve this look, which will have your nails looking like they belong in a museum.

Bright and Colorful

The best part about abstract nails? They can be messy. Don’t be afraid of not being precise with this fun, vibrant manicure that plays with different nail polish colors and varying thickness of lines and brushwork.

Muted Fall Tones

For fall, what could be better than this abstract art manicure in warm neutrals? To get that perfect warm brown, try the Essie Off the Grid.

Modern Expressionism

This vibrant, playful manicure is cool and artsy. With a few pops of color and some black and white polish, your nails are your canvas.
Additional reporting by Trishna Rikhy, Photo Courtesy Of: @jessicawashick

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