The Coolest Tapered Square Nail Designs on Instagram

November 24, 2021
Ariel Wodarcyk
By: Ariel Wodarcyk | by L'Oréal
6 Tapered Square Nail Designs We Love

Looking for a universally flattering and classic nail shape? Enter the tapered square. Tapered square nails are about the same width as your natural nail, but they start to become more narrow towards the length and the edges are razor-sharp. They look good with virtually any kind of nail art, from a classic French tip to psychedelic swirls. Below, find our favorite tapered square nail designs on Instagram. 

Scorpio Realness

Regardless of whether you’re a Scorpio or not, these tortoiseshell claws by @3615_zbobinails are seriously stunning. The subtle pattern and scorpion design make them interesting enough to stand out, but not loud enough that they’ll clash with any of your outfits.
tapered square nails with nail art

Caramel French Tip

We love the way long tapered square nails seem to lengthen the fingers, especially when painted in neutral shades, like this double-tipped French manicure by @_melssssss. For a similar burnt orange hue, try Essie Expressie Quick-Dry Nail Polish in Bolt and Be Bold.
tapered square nail shape

Cool Chrome

A blinding chrome finish by @nycnailroom adds a futuristic spin to this classic nail shape.
chrome tapered square nails

Extra Long

Amp up the drama by asking your nail tech for XXL tapered square nails. This glittering purple gradient set by @nailsbyalenaj isn’t exactly practical, but we’re willing to throw function out the window when it comes to nails this glamorous.
extra long tapered square nails

Subtle Silver

If a shorter length is more your style, don’t worry. This nail shape lends itself to a variety of lengths and designs, including this subtle silver twinkle by @eveilstudios.isla. If you’re looking for icy nail inspo for winter, this is it.
silver tapered square nails

Pretty Pearls

This sculptural set by @nails.isabae looks as if someone plucked the shimmeriest, most iridescent seashell off the beach, then melted it down and dripped it all over your nails. Talk about dreamy.
tapered square nails

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